Visionary Aero Scribe

640x438xdelschau2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.S1FpeMkJvg640x412xdellschau8.jpg.pagespeed.ic.rPMwkIRkF1 640x458xdellschau5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.TZIN-2vF_L 640x458xdellschau7.jpg.pagespeed.ic.RCBMJdEXAj 640x510xdellschau10.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pzN4FjJVdc 640x680xdellschau9.jpg.pagespeed.ic.cYGGfsqhmP 640x303xdellschau3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.B1b1v7DUVpIn the mid to late 1800s, Charles Dellschau inscribed a handmade book titled “Recollections” containing vivid paintings and fantastical sketches documenting the inventions of a secret aero society. Some of his work was salvaged from a trash heap in the 1960s // For more.


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