Revival No. 013

Reincarnate_Diamond_01 Reincarnate_Diamond_02 Reincarnate_Diamond_03This journal is somewhere in Thailand, or at least that’s where I sent it// Reincarnated from a dilapidated vintage book and accented with wool stitching on an exposed spine.




Spring is nearing //  bearing new beginning // seeds of gratitude I will to plant~

I give thanks for my hands and my eyes, for the ability and the vision to make play at work. I’m thankful for my sweetie and his big papa heart, for our children and their wise ways. I give thanks to Earth and Ocean and especially Moon, who pulls the tides to uncover the jewels of my expression. Special thanks to my dear friends and family for their support, encouragement and inspiration.

May this place in the web be spun with the fruits of my work and the work of those who kindle inspiration in the hearts of many. May it be a place of integrity, truth and a momentary stillroom for that which flows Unbound.